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Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett Dunner, LLP is one of the largest IP law firms in the world. From offices in Atlanta, Boston, London, Palo Alto, Reston, Seoul, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, and Washington, DC, the firm practices all aspects ofpatenttrademarkcopyright, andtrade secret law, includingcounselingprosecutionlicensing, andlitigation. Finnegan also represents clients on IP issues related toEuropean patentsandtrade marksinternational tradeportfolio management, theInternetecommerce, government contracts,antitrust, andunir competition. For additional information on the firm, please visit Follow us onLinkedInandTwitter.

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honored Finnegan with the International IP Law Firm of the Year award at its annualJapan Law Awards Reception, which recognizes the outstanding performance of legal practitioners that have significantly contributed to the evolving legal landscape of the region. This follows toprankings for Finnegans Tokyo office as a Tier One International Firm for Patents and a Leading International Firm for Trademarks. In addition, the firm was recognized for Patent and Trademark services in Shanghai and Taipei. Finnegans Seoul office was recognized for Patents, less than one year after opening. In speaking to the award and recentrankings, Finnegans managing partnerJames B. Monroesaid, It is an honor for the firm to be recognized in this way on a global level.

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Politics of hysteria The muchanticipated Nunes memo left experts legal businessunderwhelmed

Politics of hysteria The muchanticipated Nunes memo left experts legal businessunderwhelmedSteele had improper contact with members of the media and was later suspended and then terminated as an FBI source for what the FBI defines as the most serious of violations an unauthorized disclosure to the media of his relationship with the FBI …

Moreover, experts said the ct that Ohr reported his conversations with Steele to the FBI undermines the claim that he was a partisan.

But as r as its material claims go, the memo was underwhelming to legal experts and former intelligence officials.

While Republicans say the document, which was compiled by embattled House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, is clear evidence of partisan bias at the DOJ and the FBI, Democrats say it contains significant omissions and inaccuracies that mischaracterize the intelligence communitys work.

Its primary allegation was that the DOJ and FBI bypassed proper procedure when seeking a FISA warrant to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Nunes said Friday that he has not viewed the underlying intelligence that he based his memo on. Even so, he claimed in the document that the DOJ and FBI waived protocol by omitting material and relevant information from the FISA warrant, including that

The Steele dossier, which was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele and alleges several ties between Trump and Russia, was funded by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee via the law firm Perkins Coie, which retained the opposition research firm Fusion GPS to produce the dossier.

A White House official walked back Trumps cryptic comment Friday night. The official said there had been no discussion or consideration about firing Rosenstein, Reuters and CNN reported.

Cramer also pointed out that Nunes, in the argument that the FBI and the DOJ omitted critical information when applying for a FISA warrant to surveil Page, appeared himself to leave important information out of the memo.

The Russia investigation was launched after early foreignpolicy adviser George Papadopoulos told a top Australian diplomat that he had been offered kompromat on then Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Experts also highlighted a paragraph in the beginning of the memo as proof that the nations top law enforcement and intelligence officials took the necessary steps to ensure proper protocol was followed when it came to targeting US citizens for surveillance

While many of the dossiers claims still remain uncorroborated, both the FBI and the Senate Intelligence Committee are using it as a roadmap to conduct their investigations into Russias election interference.

Even so, its likely Trump and his allies will characterize the memo as proof that the two agencies are politically biased against the president and therefore require a change in top leadership.

Deitz, the former general counsel at the NSA, said of the memo, You read this thing through and think about all the anticipation that went into its release and think, What am I missing?

Anyone whos thinking about whats going on here at a deeper level will be alarmed by this memo and what it could mean, he said. Were seeing the systematic undermining of our institutions of government and the functions of our democracy. This is a slowmotion push. This is Berlin in . Its really, really shocking.

Trump and his allies in Congress and in the media have pointed to those revelations topaintthe dossier as phony and evidence of what they characterize as Hillary Clintonscollusionwith the FBI and the DOJ.

The Papadopoulos information Nunes was referring to was an interaction the former aide had in May , during which Papadopoulos is said to have boasted to a top Australian diplomat about Russias kompromat on Clinton while he was drinking at a swanky London bar.

Moreover, he added, a quick glance will also show that except Boente who left on his own and [Rod Rosenstein] … the rest were fired or pushed out.

In July , the antisecrecy group WikiLeaks posted a trove of hacked emails from the DNC. Australian officials then informed their American counterparts of Papadopoulos conversation with the diplomat, Alexander Downer, which is what prompted the FBI to open its investigation, The New York Times reported last year.

The highlyanticipated release of Rep. Devin Nunes memo, which claims to show the Department of Justice and FBI abusing their surveillance power, seemed more like a list of Republican talking points, experts said Friday.

Nunes also went on to touch base on recent revelations that Mueller ousted an investigator on his team, Peter Strzok, after it emerged that Strzok was exchanging antiTrump messages with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he was reportedly having an extramarital afir.

In particular, Cramer dismissed the memos claim that senior FBI official Bill Priestap said the dossiers corroboration was in its inncy at the time of the first FISA application targeting Page. It neglects to note that Carter Page was on the FBIs radar going back to or with respect to foreign agent relationships, he said. That is a HUGE omission.

Addressing the memos release on Friday, President Donald Trump said, I think its a disgrace whats happening in our country.

The information Nunes presented, he said, indicated that the DOJ and the FBI were following the rule of law and correct procedure to the very last step.Thats the job. Thats what they did.

Nunes memo claims that the StrzokPage s demonstrated a clear bias against Trump and in vor of Clinton, adding that they reflect extensive discussions about the investigation, orchestrating leaks to the media, and include a meeting with Deputy Director McCabe to discuss an insurance policy against President Trumps election.

Indeed, when asked Monday whether he still had confidence in Rosenstein after reading the memo, and whether he would fire the deputy attorney general, Trump replied You figure that one out.

The memo did not alter the cts of the Russia investigation, they said, and it did not have any information indicating that law enforcement officials bypassed protocol at any point.

The information demonstrates that there were seven different instances when the FISA application had to be adjudicated, and each time it was renewed and by five different people from multiple agencies, said Carle, the former CIA operative. And all of that is prior to the deliberations and decisions, seven times over, by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which is yet another branch of the government.

Corroboration of the Steele dossier was in its inncy at the time of the initial FISA application to monitor Page.

Cramer largely agreed and pointed out that the laundry list of people who have signed off on the various applications and renewals could be the attendance sheet at a Federalist Society meeting. These are all Republicans.

So Nunes is indirectly admitting here that the Steele dossier was not, in ct, the ctor that launched the Russia investigation, Carle said.

Robert Deitz, the former general counsel at the National Security Agency, put it bluntly This is a big nothingburger.

A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines.

Carle made a similar point with respect to Steeles conversation with Bruce Ohr, a senior DOJ official whose wife worked for Fusion GPS during the election. Ohr, who oversees the organized crime task force at the DOJ, told the FBI that Steele told him in September that he was desperate Trump not be elected and was passionate about him not being president.

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Patrick Cotter, a longtime former federal prosecutor who has worked in the past with investigators on Muellers team, said of the s in an earlier interview, I guess Id ask how the existence or content of emails between two people at the FBI could possibly change any of the cts.

Politics of hysteria The muchanticipated Nunes memo left experts underwhelmed

House Intelligence Committee releases controversial Nunes memo after Trump authorizes its declassification

Nothing in the memo regardless of whether it turns out to be true or a lie by omission substantiates this politics of hysteria.

Steeles concern, Carle said, was natural given the extensive associations of the Trump entourage with Russian intelligence activites. But this is immaterial if two and two add to four, it does not matter that the person doing the math is lefthanded or righthanded.

But the memo will still likely be weaponized by allies of President Donald Trump, many of whom have urged him to clean house at the DOJ and the FBI.

This is a classic ersionary tactic, former CIA operative Glenn Carle said of the memos mention of the dossier. You dont like the message, you tar the messenger. But cts are cts, and point after point after point of the dossier has been verified.

Nunes memo also contained another section which observers immediately latched onto, because it undercut a main GOP talking point with respect to the Russia investigation. Specifically, that it was launched primarily based on the Clinton madekedossier containing salacious and uncorroborated information meant to undermine the Trump presidency.

Notice that the bulk of what is going on in this memo is an attack not on the veracity of the information, but an attack on the provider of the information, and thats crucial to understand, he said. These are Republican talking points dressed up as a classified memo.

The Steele dossier was originally funded by a group of Republicans who opposed Trump during the Republican primaries. After Trump became the partys nominee, Hillary Clintons campaign and the Democratic National Committee hired the Perkins Coie law firm, which in turn retained the oppositionresearch firm Fusion GPS to fund the dossiers production.

Former federal prosecutor Jeffrey Cramer questioned Nunes decision to include the Papadopoulos reference in the memo as well. It seems like they ran out of things to say, he said. That part reads like a defense motion if Page was indicted and they relied upon Papadopoulos.

In September , Steele told a senior DOJ official whose wife worked for Fusion GPS that he was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president.

Former FBI Director James Comey testifies on Capitol Hill.Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Republican talking points dressed up as a classified memo

According to the memo, the FISA application for Page also mentions information regarding fellow Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos, but there is no evidence of any cooperation or conspiracy between Page and Papadopoulos.

The ct is, youre not missing anything, he said. Theres nothing new in here, and more importantly, theres nothing in here that indicates the FBI or the DOJ acted inappropriately or illegally.

* Business Insider Inc. All rights reserved. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our

Jens David Ohlin, a vice dean at Cornell Law School and an expert on criminal law, echoed that point. Theres a colossal mismatch between the claims in the introduction and the main of the memo, he said, which ils to deliver on its promise to detail concerns that question the legitimacy and legality of the DOJ and FBI and that constitute a troubling breakdown of the legal process.

The FBI and DOJ obtained one initial FISA warrant targeting Carter Page and three FISA renewals from the FISC. As required by statute USC d, a FISA order on an American citizen must be renewed by the FISC every days and each renewal requires a separate finding of probable cause. ThenDirector James Comey signed three FISA applications in question on behalf of the FBI, and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed one. ThenDAG Sally Yates, thenActing DAG Dana Boente, and DAG Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more FISA applications on behalf of DOJ.

It goes on to say, The Papadopoulos information triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in late July by FBI agent Peter Strzok.

What [former national security adviser Michael Flynn] said matters; the circumstances of his resignation matter; [attorney general Jeff] Sessions actions, the cts surrounding Comeys firing and Muellers appointment; all those cts matter, he added. What two people at the FBI not directly involved in any of these events said to each other does not matter, and it hardly would be evidence that had any admissibility or relevance to the Mueller investigation or an eventual grand jurys decision regarding that evidence.

The release on Friday of a highly controversial memo that claims surveillance abuse on the part of the FBI and the Department of Justice has Republicans and Democrats at each others throats.

Of course Trump will use the memo to say this is all a witch hunt, Deitz said. You throw dirt on the wall, some amount of it sticks.

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Governors Office of Small, Minority Women Business Afirs

Note All filings through this portal with the exception of Annual Report and Personal Property Tax Returns will be processed with the Department of Assessments and Taxation within business days. Maryland Department of Assessments Taxation expeditedfee schedulewill apply.

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asian legal businessLOD alum launches NewLaw firm in HK

Lesley Hobbs, previously the head of client solutions in Hong Kong for Lawyers on Demand, has launched her own NewLaw firm in Hong Kong called Cognatio Law, together with Tim Fawcett, formerly the interim COO ofboutique mily law firm CRB.

Cognatio assists inhouse legal teams who are cing downward pressure to reduce their legal project costs, headcount and fixed expenses by seconding experts at short notice onto any given project and without the risk of incurring additional permanent employee costs, the firm said.

In November last year,three senior lawyers left Baker Botts and Addleshaw Goddard in Hong Kong to launch a boutique firm called GPS Legalthat also offers a flexible lawyer service.

Hong Kong is the leading Asia legal centre and it has definitely been undergoing a quiet revolution to challenge the Big Law eslishment and traditions that have dictated the way legal solutions were offered in the last century, said Hobbs, who has more than years of experience in legal recruitment. In a very short period, general counsels, heads of legal and inhouse legal teams have changed the way they structure various projects to include flexible resourcing to achieve their goals.

According to Cognatio, there are now six NewLaw providers compared to just one in . With ongoing structural changes to the financial services sector since the global financial crisis and downward pressure by transnational and local legislation/regulators including HKMA and SFC, legal teams are continually being asked to deliver more for less, the NewLaw firm said.

Sell Onlinedefinition of business

Sell Onlinedefinition of businessHow do you make your products appear relevantly to your customer base? The methods you implement to make customers aware of target products and how you structure the interaction between product and consumer will largely affect online sales.

Many small businesses have found considerable success withecommerce, which means selling products and services through online stores. For online stores to be successful, they must be equipped with efficient shopping cart software, which makes it possible to products in catalog shion, manage inventory and shipping, as well as take payments in realtime.

The best sales tool you have is probably at your fingertips already. Not a computer. Not a register. Not a laptop. Not a let. Keep looking Just reach for your trusted, smartphone. Now you can use it to make sales anywhere that life may take you.

Secure Transaction For your protection, this website is secured with the highest level of SSL Certificate encryption.

Online commerce involves multiple transactions or the transfer of payment information across a secure Internet connection in exchange for goods and services. Online selling enables small business entrepreneurs to electronically commercialize products with no barriers of time or distance.

CategorySell OnlineDeveloping An Ecommerce Strategy

CategorySell OnlineDeveloping An Ecommerce Strategy

Whether youre feeling the peer pressure to join the burgeoning online arena, or youre simply excited by the prospect of a new business channel, there are five ecommerce solutions for online stores that you should consider before you start.

CategorySell OnlineCreating an Online Shopping Cart

Ecommerce Market Research on the Internet encompasses a wide variety of information gathered for ebusiness planning and prospecting. Free ecommerce research found online is not always accurate but can be useful to track opinions, profiles and customer behavior.

CategorySell OnlineDeveloping An Ecommerce Strategy

CategorySell OnlineCreating an Online Shopping Cart

Ten steps you should take before you create a Web site for your Webbased business or should revisit if you have already eslished an online store.

CategorySell OnlineCreating an Online Shopping Cart

Increasing your website visibility on the Internet helps drive more traffic to your business, prompts more inquiries for your goods and services, increases leads, and potentially generates more sales. With a solid understanding of search marketing and a plan for how to launch your own search marketing efforts, you can begin to successfully drive more traffic to your ecommerce site and ultimately go rther in increasing your sales.

How Search Marketing Can Help Drive Your Ecommerce Business

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Whether you are starting a new business or already have a bricks and mortar store that youre ready to take online, here are six key things to consider before starting.

Building an ecommerce business takes preparation. If you take the time to plan, your chances for success will increase dramatically. Start by creating a realistic business plan. After composing your ecommerce plan it is wise to several experienced business advisors review your thought processes.

CategorySell OnlineDeveloping An Ecommerce Strategy

Ecommerce Solutions for Starting Online Stores

If youre a small business owner, odds are youve already started thinking about the upcoming holiday season. It may still be summer, but the perfect time to prepare your business for the holiday rush is right now. By starting early, you can increase your chances of profiting later. Summer is the perfect time to begin planning yourecommerce busineholidayseason strategy. Since most shoppers usually wait until November to make the bulk of their holiday purchases, you still have time to research, plan, and prepare your business for a successful holiday rush. So what should you start doing in August?

CategorySell OnlineDeveloping An Ecommerce Strategy

CategorySell OnlineDeveloping An Ecommerce Strategy

CategorySell OnlineDeveloping An Ecommerce Strategy

CategorySell OnlineDeveloping An Ecommerce Strategy

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.  This is a erse section within the Secretary of States Office offering a wide variety of information and services.  For your convenience, this information has been categorized. For specific information, click one of the links below.  If you have any problem finding what you are looking for, please contact us at

is designed to answer many of the questions you may have when registering your business in West Virginia and to make the registration process as as possible. Click on the link aboveto download and print the guide for your convenient reference as you proceed through the registration process.

to take advantage of the incentives available to veterans who are considering registering their veteranowned business or wish to bring their outofstate veteranowned business into West Virginia. There are also valuable veteran resource links available here.

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West Virginia Secretary of State encourages veterans to succeed in the transition from military service to private business ownership. Visit ourVeteran Owned Business

legal businessStarting a Business Legal FAQs

Contact a qualified business attorney to help you navigate the process of starting a business.

Q What are the benefits of having a limited liability company?

AThebusiness licenses and permitsthat a small business will need will vary depending on the business industry and the location of the business. Business licenses and permits are issued at the federal, state, city, and/or county levels. All businesses will usually need a city an/or county business license, while most businesses will also need a federalemployment identification numberEIN. You can check to see if you need an EIN and apply on theIRS website. Depending on your business industry, you made need otherfederal business licensesas well.

Being in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations when starting a business can help prevent trouble for your business in the future. Abusiness organizations attorneycan provide guidance as to the correct steps in starting your business, including information on which business licenses you will need and the best business structure for you.

AAlimited liability company LLCcombines the best aspects of a sole proprietorship and a corporation. Like a corporation, the owner of an LLC is protected from personal liability. However, unlike a corporation, an LLC is not required to observe corporate formalities. There is a tax advantage to forming an LLC as well. An LLC is not subject to double taxation like a corporation, but rather enjoys passthrough taxation, which is similar to a partnership or sole proprietorship.

For more related information and resources, you can visit FindLawsSmall Business Lawsection.

AAcorporationis a legal entity that is separate from its owner, which means that owner is shielded from personal liability except for certain situations. Corporations are subject to double taxation profits are taxed both at the corporate level and when distributed to shareholders. In order to maintain corporate status, the corporation must observe various formalities such as conducting annual meetings, recording meeting minutes, electing directors, and issuing stock certificates. While corporations are a popular business structure, they are complex and have more startup costs than other legal structures.

AThe availablelegal structures for businessesinclude sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations. Each of structure will have its own requirements for formation and maintaining status. The tax status and owners personal liability will also vary depending on the of business structure.

Q What are my options for legal structures for my business?

AAfictitious business nameis a name that is different from the legal business name on file with the state for a sole proprietorship, it would be the business owners name. Generally, fictitious business names must be registered with the state and/or county. Since registration requirements vary from state to state, its important to check with your state laws regarding fictitious business names.

There are many things to consider whenstarting a business. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the legal aspects of starting a business.

AWhile your tax obligations will vary depending on the of legal structure you choose for your business, there are a fewstartup tax issuesto be aware of. First of all, it is imperative that you keep good records. You should also be sure to keep your business and personal taxes separate. Businesses can alsodeduct certain business expenses, which can lower the taxes your business owes.

Q What will my tax obligations be for my business?

Q What s of licenses would a small business need and where do I get them?legal businessStarting a Business Legal FAQs

Partnershbusiness structureip

register your partnership with Consumer Afirs Victoria CAVif setting up a

Get your fillable Tax File Number declaration form

If operating as a business enterprise, the partnership registers to collect Goods and Services Tax GST when annual turnover passes , payable monthly, quarterly or annually. The ATOs personal services income rules may apply if youre a consultant or contractor in a partnership.

A partnership has its own Tax File Number TFN, and usually an Australian Business Number ABN and lodges its own, separate tax return. However, once the ATO assesses this, the partnerships profits are ided among the partners as set out in the partnership agreement.

Each partner then adds their share of the profit or loss to their personal income tax for assessment by the ATO.

apply for the relevantlicences and registrations

A partnership is formed when two or more people up to go into business together. Partnerships can either be general or limited.

The ATOs information onPartnership Tax Returnwill help when filing your returns.

check that your proposed business name doesnt infringe on existing trademarksif you and your partners are not trading under your personal names

A mily partnership is where two or more members are related to one another.

A limited partnership is one where the liability of one or more partners for the debts and obligations of the business is limited. A limited partnership consists of one or more general partners whose liability is unlimited and one or more limited partners whose liability is limited in proportion to their investment. There is no maximum number of limited partners.

As a member of a partnership, youre responsible for your own super arrangements because youre not an employee of the partnership. You may also be able to claim separately a deduction for personal super contributions you make.

Stepbystep choose the best business structure for you.

A general partnership is one where all partners are equally responsible for the management of the business, and each has unlimited liability for the debts and obligations it may incur.

If youre operating under your own personal names, there is no need to register, but you must register a business name if you have one. For more details and examples read our onregistering a business name.

draw up a Partnership Agreement highlighting key aspects, such as the roles, authority and liabilities of each partner, and distribution of profits and assets see thesample Partnership Agreement templateat on what areas it should cover. Your solicitor will be able to draw up an Agreement that will meet your specific needs

If you employ people, youll have responsibilities, such asemployee payroll tax and PAYGincluding reporting and paying tax on fringe benefits andsuperannuation paymentsfor any eligible employees.

Use theAustralian Business Licence and Information Service ABLIS, a onestop tool to help you find all the local, state and federal licences, registrations and permits you need.

Register with CAV as a limited partnership or incorporated limited partnership

Partnerships are governed by thePartnership Act .

agree with the partners on key issues, such as limits of liability in proportion to their capital investment and the level of authority each partner holds in binding agreements on behalf of the partnership

An incorporated limited partnership is a special of limited partnership, primarily used by businesses engaged in highrisk venture capital projects. You should seek expert legal advice if considering forming this of partnership. More information can be found in ourincorporated associationsection.

Once youve looked at the pros and cons, to register as a partnership youll have to

If youre unsure about whats right for your business, our stepbystep guide can give you a and quick assessment of which structure is more suile for your business. You can change your business structure to suit your circumstances,when the business grows or changes direction.

determine the number of partners if any both general and limited if any

Stepbystep choose the best business structure for you

Limited and incorporated limited partnerships must be registered with Consumer Afirs Victoria CAV.

Australian Licence and Information Service ABLIS

Inhouse Insiasian legal businessghts Hospitality

f Compliance implementing policies and training related to the various legal and corporate compliance policies.

We do a lot of work inhouse, but work with local counsel on large transactions, overflow development work and specific local law matters, including arbitration.

We have a global panel of law firms comprising a mixture of international firms and regional firms. We tend to use law firms for high risk and/or specialized legal advice, for example land title issues, litigation matters, , antitrust and so on.

In this first instalment of InHouse Insights, corporate counsel discuss more about these developments and trends, what they look to their external counsel for, and the biggest opportunities and challenges theyre currently cing.

b Technology technology continues to have a huge impact on the hospitality industry, including through distribution platforms, online accommodation providers and mobile payment systems. AccorHotels is very focused on updating its IT infrastructure and digital platforms to keep ahead of the trends, and we have invested over million euros million to ensure we can keep pace. At the same time, we are increasingly working with digital disruptors and startups to create a more innovative and agile structure within the business. For the legal team, this means ensuring that our agreements reflect the new technology requirements and working with the business units on implementation.

While guests relax at their resorts, inhouse lawyers at hospitality companies have been busy keeping up with the latest technology trends, compliance and regulations, all the while moving mergers and acquisitions forward. Corporate counsel at some of the top companies in the industry share trends theyve been seeing, the work that keeps them busiest, and how external counsel can help.

As innovation progresses and changes very quickly, my team has to be very much aligned with our business units to ensure that we have advanced notice of our innovation plans. This will enable us to identify any issues early and also help navigate the necessary regulatory framework to ensure a successful implementation of our new products and services.

From my perspective there are three key trends in the hospitality industry

At Hyatt Hotels Resorts, we are looking into growing and cultivate our talents by providing hospitality industry knowledge and the leadership training based on our company values. At times, we need to look beyond the immediate technical skill set of a candidate, and determine if he or she has the potential to grow with our company.

Vice President of Legal Corporate Afirs, Asia Pacific

e Intellectual property monitoring registration and use of AccorHotels intellectual property; and

Despite the portrayed by the industry, legal teams at hospitality companies arent exactly relaxing by the pool these days. The past few years have been busy for the industry, with a number of transactions involving hotel companies and hotel brands most noly from Chinese investors. And with the acquisition of these brands, legal teams are playing an important role as companies make the business transformation from being a traditional hotelier to being a fullservice provider in the hospitality space.

We prefer to do the negotiation inhouse because we know the industry inside out. For example, we do the actual negotiation of the hotel management contract by ourselves its quite timeconsuming for an external party to do it because theres a lot of industry knowledge and internal coordination is required. But other than that, we seek external counsel for opinions on due diligence, compliance and dispute resolution matters.

We are currently transforming our business from being a traditional hotelier to being a fullservice provider in the hospitality space, with acquisitions and investments in complementary businesses such as digital distribution, concierge services, catering, events and private rentals.

c Operations providing advice and assistance as required including drafting and negotiating supplier agreements and operational support at regional and hotel level;

Inhouse legal departments are increasingly expected to be operationally effective and do more with less. Modernizing the legal department using legal technology and innovation is becoming a pressing imperative. It requires a huge commitment, investment of resources, and change management all while managing the high volume of daytoday legal work. Thats akin to servicing a fighter craft while it is flying in midair.

It can be tough to keep ahead of these changes, but thats why working closely across the global legal team is essential. The legal team works together on a global basis to share information and knowledge which allows us to keep across the regulatory landscape.

In addition, weve introduced the concept of the Connected Room, a mobilecentric smart room that allows guests to manage their stays from the palm of their hands, from controlling the temperature and lighting to the window coverings and TV entertainment preferences, and plan to scale this rapidly across our hotels.

Technology, too, has been affecting the hospitality industry. Platforms and products are becoming increasingly digitised as customers expect everything from seamless online and mobile booking and payment systems to enhanced experiences through integrated and personalised digital interactions. For the legal team, this means ensuring agreements and contracts are up to date with the providers offering the latest technology.

The work is extremely variable no two days are the same. AccorHotels is an exciting company to work for focused on growth and expanding its business across the globe and in an industry which is currently growing at a ster pace than most sectors of the economy.

Right now, the sales methodology and a bulk part of the booking experiences are trending toward a seamless virtual experience. So from that aspect, there are a lot of contracts that we need to think from the cybersecurity side and ITrelated platforms its a different ball game. To adapt to this trend, we have a dedicated team of IT and IP lawyers supporting the companys initiatives in innovation and technology. My team are generalists, so we work with lawyers with that kind of IT expertise.

Biggest opportunities include development of talents and future leaders in a dynamic inhouse legal team. Theres a lot of the industry focus on hotel development recently, especially in the last decade in China. The hospitality services industry indeed attracts quite a number of people, and thus, there are more opportunities to groom newcomers to the business.

Senior Vice President Assistant General Counsel, Asia Pacific

d Corporate secretarial managing corporate secretarial compliance;

We need to keep up with evolving laws and regulations in all the countries where we operate and that challenge is amplified in developing countries with less than sophisticated legal framework and system. We expect our panel firms to alert us whenever there is any legal or regulatory development that will have an impact on our business and operations. Thats also the reason why we prefer to converge our legal spend on a small panel of law firms who maintain a close working relationship with us and will, therefore, be very miliar with our business model.

Its a really interesting time to be working in the hospitality industry the industry is changing so st and the documentation needs to be agile to keep up with these changes. It is a time of enormous opportunity within the industry, especially in the AsiaPacific region, where growth is outpacing the rest of the world.

However, for now in Asia, it is disproportionate as to the number of lawyers who can properly advise about the hospitality industry and related commercial contracts in Asia. A number of commercial lawyers have been focussed on IPOs and MA work, and lacks exposure to longterm service agreements and application of fundamental contractual concepts. This could become a challenge. Hotel operators tend to control the contract negotiation process, so not a lot of external law firms will be able to get that industry knowledge, and the commercial ctors required to formulate a practical whilst properly structured hotel management deal. In that sense, the pool of talent for recruitment is rather limited.

What keeps us busiest is work related to new hotel developments thats our core job.  Hotel development includes signingup more hotel management contracts and penetration into other platforms where the company can expand distribution, such as franchise and portfolio venture arrangement.

a Consolidation over the last few years, there have been a lot of transactions involving hotel companies and hotel brands including AccorHotels acquisition of the Fairmont, Raffles and Swissotel brands in . In the last months, AccorHotels has, on average, announced a new acquisition every month.

A key ctor about negotiating a good management agreement is that the legal advisor should not just view it as a oneoff sale and purchase agreement and say goodbye after completion. For us, it is a longterm relationship, meaning we need to be the manager for that particular project for a sustainable period of time. So the moment that we sign a new hotel management contract, we anticipate what the hotel will be opened, say, three to five years time, and then there may be a period where there is not a lot of legal work in between while they do the actual construction and development. When preopening actually comes in, then itll be another stream of work about the operational setup and other businessrelated work. So it is a lifespan of project that you actually look through, in contrast to shorter business goals in certain MA deals.

One of the bigger challenges is regulatory compliance there is no one global rule of law each country has its own legislation. As a global organisation, we need to ensure compliance in each of the countries where we operate hotels.

Catching up with various means of online platforms and products like different online travel agents and sales platforms as well as promotions on social media Facebook and beyond. We need to be more equipped on the customer behaviour trends and ITrelated contracts. For example, IT platforms common in China are very different from media channels in other Asian countries.

The legal team works on a variety of legal matters including

b Branded hotel/residential projects drafting and negotiating associate agreements and working with the business units on the sales and marketing process;

c Compliance the world is becoming more regulated and new legislative changes are impacting business globally. AccorHotels is focused on ensuring legislative compliance and sure that appropriate policies and training are in place including for antibribery and corruption, data protection, knowyourclient and ethics. This is a strong focus for the legal team both in ensuring that the legal documentation is compliant and that the business units have the necessary skills to ensure compliance and implementation.

Then, especially for those at companies with hotels and resorts scattered across the AsiaPacific region, there remains the important task of keeping up to date with the continuously developing regulatory and compliance landscape of each jurisdiction, particularly in the beautiful but developing countries with less sophisticated legal framework and systems.

a Hotel development drafting and negotiating hotel management agreements and franchise agreements;

We instruct various counsels like DLA Pipers U.S. office for certain development and licensing work, selective Baker McKenzie Asia offices for corporate work in certain jurisdictions, Herbert Smith Freehills for disputes matters, Eversheds for employment matters, and Zhong Lun for PRC matters.

We do all sorts of legalrelated work and advice to support business units from hotel development to app formulation. We focus on the latest consumer trends as well as the China market.

My team is made up of transaction lawyers and operational generalists. The transaction lawyers deal with management and franchise deals as well as real estate projects. The operational generalists handle the whole gamut of work for example, vendor contracts, sales contracts, marketing promotions, employment matters, crisis and disputes relating to hotel operations.

The digital age has transformed guests expectations of brands and companies, whereby they seek integrated and personalised digital interactions throughout their travel experience. At Hilton, innovation is in our DNA. We leverage digital innovation and technology to enhance the guest experience and build our brand differentiation through industryleading tools like digital checkin with room selection and Digital Key, which allows them to use their smartphones as their room key.

Consolidation means more legal work as we continue to grow the portfolio of brands, along with focusing on the market position and differentiation of an expanding brand portfolio. Notwithstanding consolidation in the industry, we are also seeing new brands emerging, which increase competition. This is especially true in the life and luxury sector.Inhouse Insiasian legal businessghts Hospitality

Business Owners Guide Structbusiness structureure

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Colleges Universities Eligible to Receive State Financial Aid

Limited Liability PartnershipA hybrid form of a general partnership. In general, liabilities are limited.Limited PartnershipA form of partnership in which liabilities are limited to general partners, while limited partners liability is limited to their agreed investment in the business.

In addition to the general requirements, certain s of businesses will be subject to specific licensing or permitting requirements.Although the most common permits and licenses are mentioned in this document, it is always advisable to contact theState Information Center at , STATEto discuss the most current requirements for any inidual business.

Indiana does not have any one single, comprehensive business license. However, all businesses operating in Indiana are subject to regulatory requirements that may involve several state agencies. Businesses that are starting, expanding, hiring employees for the first time, changing ownership or organizational structure, or moving into Indiana will need to consider the areas listed in this section.

Federal and State income taxes are reported on the proprietors owners inidual income tax return as selfemployment taxes. The profits of the business are taxed to the owner on his/her Schedule federal annually, and the income is taxed only once.

A Corporation doing business in a name other than the name listed on the Articles of Incorporation must file a Certificate of Assumed Business Name with the County Recorder and the Office of the Secretary of State.

Grain Buyers Warehouse Licensing Agency, Indiana

NonProfit entities can be organized formally or informally, but it is important to know the taxrelated requirements before setting up the entity. Otherwise, the company may have to dissolve itself and reorganize to comply with rules to obtain the tax status it needs to operate. Contact the Indiana Department of Revenue for state requirements to obtain a notforprofit tax registration certificate and the IRS for federal requirements to obtain nonprofit commonly known as c status. The IRS publishes an information booklet entitled Tax Exempt Status For Your Organization, publication which is available upon request. Contact

This of business entity has a single owner, with no exemptions he/she is liable for all debts incurred. The owner and the business is one single entity. The owner is personally liable for anything that happens with the business. Income and expenses of the business on their personal tax return. It is the st form of business organization to start and maintain. Its liabilities are the owners personal liabilities.

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Indiana Secretary of State, Business Service Division

Improving the Status of Children in Indiana, Commission on

These more formal business s require some filing with the Secretary of State, Corporations Division. It is strongly suggested that iniduals consult an attorney before forming a formal business entity.

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S Corporations An eligible domestic corporation can avoid double taxation once to the corporation and again to the shareholders by electing to be treated as an S corporation. This is a separate legal and taxable entity, and can have no more than owners. Generally, an S Corp is exempt from federal income tax other than tax on certain capital gains and passive income. An additional requirement is a Federal Employer Identification EIN. Further, according to federal guidelines, in order to obtain SCorporation status the federal form is required to be filed with the IRS.

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Governors Planning Council for People with Disabilities

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Less formal organizations do not require filings with state government to come into existence. If, however, the business name does not contain the owners owners names, it must be recorded with the Recorder of the county in which the business is located. Registration of a business name does not protect the name from being used by another business.

Domestic Corporations To form this most complicated of business organization, Articles of Incorporation must be filed and shares of stock must be issued. Prospective shareholders exchange money, property, or both, for the corporations capital stock. A corporation can be formed for profit or nonprofit purposes. Forming a corporation creates a specific legal entity, and only one corporation can use any specific name.

All s of corporations, business corporations, professional corporations, C Corporations, and Subchapter S Corporations have essentially the same filing requirements. They may have different tax responsibilities, but they are still corporations. Professional corporations will be required to file a certificate of registration showing that the professional is licensed in Indiana.

A partnership must file and annual information return to report the income deductions, gains, loses, etc., from its operations, but it does not pay income tax. Instead, it passes through any profits or losses to its partners. Each partner includes his/her share of the partnerships items on his/her federal tax return.

Please ensure all values are in a proper format.

There are financial and legal advantages and disadvantages to each of business organization. Anyoneunsure of which structure will be best for any business should attend aStarting a Business Workshopoffered by one of the assistance providers listed in Section IV. Additionally, paid professional assistance may be needed.

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Limited Liability CompanyA limited liability company LLC is an entity formed under state law by filing articles of organization as n LLC. None of the member of an LLC are personally liable for its debts. AN LLC may be classified for federal income tax purposes as a partnership, a corporation, or an entity disregarded as an entity separate from its owner by applying the rules in federal regulations section … A Limited Liability Company must file State Form from the Secretary of States Office to eslish articles of organization. There are no specific forms to be filed to create the other entities listed, but certain information is required by law to be filed with the Secretary of States Office. Forms for these entities are commonly created by attorneys. Limited Liability Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies are required to file biennial reports as described for corporations, but Limited Partnerships have no yearly filing requirements.

Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority

Limited Liability Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Partnerships which are based outside of Indiana will need to file a Certificate of authority to do business in Indiana, similar to what foreign corporations file. There is no eslished state form for this. Likewise, is these entities are doing business in a name other than the one filed with the Secretary of States Office, they will need to file a Certificate of Assumed Business Name with the Secretary of State and theCounty Recorderas well

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The first decision you must make is what of business organizational structure will best meet the business owners goals. The organizational structure of a business entity will determine what must be done to officially form the entity, how taxes are paid, and many other details that will affect its daytoday operation. The s of structure, formal and informal, and their corresponding filing requirements are outlined below. is here to serve you, so wed love your feedback.

All Corporations Beginning January , , all domestic and foreign business entities except for nonprofit corporations and limited partnerships are required to file biennial reports. A business entity must file a biennial report two years after the initial corporation filing has been completed, even if no business is being conducted.

All Filings and Reports for formal business entities should be sent to

By definition, corporations usually have employees, even if those employees own all of the stock. Therefore, forming a corporation will entail that you cover the issues outlined in Section IC Additional Employer Responsibilities.

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Secretary of States Guide to Starting a Business

Partnerships have two or more owners who both contribute money, labor and skills. The partners are jointly and severally liable for debts and share proportionately in profits. Income and expenses of the business are filed on the partnership return Form IT, and income taxes are reported on inidual tax returns. In general, partnerships function like sole proprietorships with more than one owner.

, created by an attorney, or use generic format shown in Appendix A.

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, Limited Liability Companies, and Limited Partnerships are unincorporated entities, but they are still formally organized entities. A brief explanation of each is listed below.

Foreign CorporationsIf a business is already incorporated in another state and is doing business in Indiana as defined by the Indiana Code, then it must obtain a Certificate of Authority from the Secretary of State to do business in Indiana as a foreign corporation.

The report must be filed with the Secretary of State by the end of the month in which the entity was incorporated, every second year following the year of incorporation. If incorporated in even year, the Report is filed every even year. If incorporated in odd year, the report is filed every odd year. The filing fee for these biennial filings is .. Nonprofit corporations file annual reports with a . filing fee.

Corporate names may be reserved for days with the Secretary of State. According to Federal guidelines the profits of a corporation is taxed to the corporation when earned, and then is taxed to the shareholders when distributed as idends. However, shareholders cannot deduct any loss of the corporation, because losses are deductible only at the corporate level, therefore not from their personal tax filings.

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State of Indiana All rights reserved.

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